Common Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) answered


General Questions

How will I know when Fire Rescue Victoria are recruiting?

We recommended that you follow FRV’s social media channels and continue to monitor this website for the most up-to-date information about when the next round of recruitment will open.

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit. However, applicants must have held a driver's licence for two years by 1 June 2020 (this does not include a learner's permit). Green probationary licences are acceptable.

What if I have applied previously and been deemed unsuccessful?

If you have previously applied and been unsuccessful and/ or exhausted your three attempts you are eligible to reapply.

I would like more information on firefighter recruitment; can an application pack be posted to me?

This website is the best point of reference for interested applicants as information on the recruitment process is updated regularly. Applications need to be submitted online via our website.

Do I have to pay for any of the recruitment selection testing?

The initial written selection test is conducted by an external company called Pearson VUE. They charge an administration fee of $176, which is incurred by the applicant.

Subsequent stages of the recruitment process are managed by Fire Rescue Victoria, and all costs associated with the facilitation of the selection process are covered. Costs relating to a candidates initial medical clearance with their medical practitioner, and all travelling costs to attend assessment stages are borne by the candidate.

I hold a current Health Care Card, do I need to pay for the Written Selection Test through Pearson VUE?

Holders of current Centrelink healthcare cards are not required to pay for the Written Selection Test.  This will be reviewed prior to the commencement of each recruitment campaign.

How long is the recruitment process?

The recruitment process can take between six months and twelve months.

What if my contact details change during the recruitment process?

It is your responsibility to keep your online details current, this can be undertaken by updating your online candidate profile.

I don't have any firefighting experience - can I still apply?

Yes you can. All training is provided, and firefighting is not a prerequisite. We select candidates on the basis of their motivation, aptitude and behaviours.

Recruits come to us from all kinds of backgrounds, including people who previously worked in offices or administration. Provided you meet the suitability and eligibility requirements the only pre-requisite is a willingness to learn and work hard.

What level of education do I need?

There are no minimum educational requirements to become a career firefighter, but your literacy, numeracy and mechanical reasoning ability will be tested as part of the written selection test. 

We expect that all firefighters will undertake a continual process of learning. Your capacity to participate in learning is evaluated in the recruitment process basic aptitude tests and your work/training history.

How many vacancies are available for the role of firefighter per year?

Recruit courses comprise of up to 30 recruits, with up to 8 courses conducted per year.  However, it is ultimately determined by organisational staffing needs and as a result is subject to change at any time.

Can I apply if I am from overseas or interstate?

Yes, however, overseas candidates (except New Zealand citizens who have entered Australia on a valid passport) must have been granted Australian citizenship or permanent resident status in Australia, prior to applying for a position of recruit firefighter.

Can any of the recruitment tests be undertaken interstate?

The Written Selection Test will be conducted in centres in Melbourne and country Victoria.  All other stages of the recruitment process will be conducted in Melbourne.  Candidates must attend at the locations specified.  No alternatives will be given and no consideration will be given to combining stages to reduce the number of visits.  There is no possibility to undertake these stages remotely or interstate.

Are there part-time firefighting positions available?

All Victorian career firefighters are employed on a full-time basis.

Does being a volunteer firefighter or volunteering for emergency services such as SES help?

Previous experience and qualifications related to community work may enhance a candidate’s performance at interview, but does not guarantee they will be more competitive or gain employment.

What superannuation exists?

If successful in becoming a firefighter, you will eligible to become a member of the Emergency Service Superannuation Scheme (ESSS). This is a defined benefit superannuation fund to which you contribute according to the rate you nominate on your superannuation form.

What subjects should I study at school to become a career firefighter?

There are no specific subjects that you are recommended to study. You should ensure that you have a broad education including literacy and numeracy. You should ensure that you have opportunities to practice teamwork, are committed to serving Victoria’s community by demonstrating ethics and integrity.

I live remotely; is accommodation provided during the 20 weeks at the Victorian Emergency Management Training Centre (VEMTC) in Craigieburn?

The recruit training course has a '4 days on, 4 days off' structure.  Accommodation may be provided for the nights whilst at VEMTC at a nearby location for those who meet the eligibility criteria. Please see FRV accommodation policies for more information.

Do I need a Heavy Rigid licence to apply?

Once applicants receive an offer of employment they will be required to obtain a Heavy Rigid licence. Further details will be provided with your offer of employment.

I previously passed the ACER Written Selection Test, do I need to undertake the Written Selection Test again.

Pearson VUE is the current service provider that administers the Written Selection Test on behalf of FRV.

ACER Written Selection test results will not be considered for future selection processes.

How long do the Written Selection Test results last?

Candidates who successfully pass the Pearson VUE Written Selection Test from December 2019 onwards will be able to retain their score for a period of up to three (3) years. If a candidate re-applies, they will not have to re-sit the Written Selection Test within this 3-year period.

Do I only have one attempt at the shuttle run?

No. Candidates who fail to reach the level of 9.6 will be given a second opportunity to undertake the shuttle run assessment.  Recruitment selection timeframes may require candidates to undertake the re-test within a short period of time from their first attempt and this may impact a candidates ability to improve sufficiently and candidates may need to consider reapplying at a later stage.

Do I only have one attempt at the Physical Aptitude Test (PAT) should I not pass?

No. Candidates who are unsuccessful on their first attempt at the Physical Aptitude Test (PAT) will be given a second opportunity to undertake the PAT.  Recruitment selection timeframes may require candidates to undertake the re-test within a short period of time from their first attempt and this may impact a candidates ability to improve sufficiently and candidate’s may need to consider reapplying at a later stage.

I am a volunteer with the Country Fire Authority; will I still have to complete the entire recruit course?

Yes. It is important that all recruits receive the same training with the same equipment.

How long is the recruit training course?

The duration of the Victorian Recruit Firefighter course is approximately 20 weeks.

Will I need to do written work during the recruit course?

Yes.  The course is comprised of intensive practical and theoretical (classroom-based), and you’ll be expected to complete written assignments, homework and tests. To graduate, you will need to attain set benchmarks for all practical and theoretical assessments.

Who can I contact for more information?

For enquiries please email us

Before you contact us, make sure you’ve thoroughly read through the information on this website.

I have previously passed the Group Assessment; will I skip this stage next time I apply?

No, you must complete this stage again. 

Can I sit the Written Selection Test from home or my personal computer?

No, applicants will be required to attend and complete the Written Selection Test in person. The details and venue will be provided via email once applications have closed.