What you will get in return

Hours of work

Firefighters work a '10/14' shift system which comprises two day shifts (8am - 6pm) followed by two night shifts (6pm - 8am), followed by four days off over an eight day cycle.

Career progression

To become a FRV firefighter, successful candidates must complete 20 weeks of intensive training as part of the FRV Recruit Course, at the FRV Training Academy in Craigieburn.

Upon completion of this course firefighters will continue training on station for three years to become a Qualified Firefighter.

Once qualified, there are a range of opportunities for career progression, including taking on more responsibilities while responding to incidents, leadership opportunities and specialisation. 

Remunerations and entitlements

Below is an outline of current gross salary pay rates:

Position Level

Salary per week

Recruit Firefighter – during 20 week training course


Firefighter Level 1 – on completion of the recruit course


Firefighter Level 2 – on completion of 12 months service and all required modules


Firefighter Level 3 – on completion of 24 months service and all required modules


Qualified Firefighter – on completion of 36 months service and a certificate of proficiency


Probationary period:
A probationary period applies, commencing from the beginning of the FRV Recruit Course.

Annual leave:
Firefighters receive nine weeks' rostered annual leave per year. This annual leave is taken in two blocks per year, and is rostered according to the shift and location to which you are based.

Public holidays:
Firefighters are rostered to work throughout the year, including public holidays.

Firefighters are required to join the Emergency Service Superannuation Scheme (ESSS). This is a defined-benefit superannuation fund to which you contribute according to the rate you nominate on your superannuation form.

Parental Leave:
After 12 months' continuous service, employees, in conjunction with the employees' partners, are entitled to paid and unpaid parental leave on a shared basis, in relation to the birth or adoption of their child.

Minimum amounts of parental leave entitlements for operational employees are detailed in the FRV Interim Operational Agreement 2020 and the information below provides an overview of those entitlements:

  • Maternity Leave
    Paid Leave – 14 weeks
    Unpaid Leave – Up to 90 weeks on a shared basis

  • Paternity Leave
    Paid Leave – 1 week or 4 shifts (FF – ACFO)
    Unpaid Leave – up to 103 weeks on a shared basis