Physical Aptitude Test

Specific training for the PAT

The PAT will test your musculoskeletal strength and endurance with minimal recovery time between tasks. The higher your level of strength and cardiovascular fitness when undertaking the PAT the easier you will find the tasks and the higher chance you have of completing the course successfully.

You will need to consider your own personal circumstances when deciding how to train and prepare for the PAT.

In the links below you will find information that may help support your preparations.

There is information for candidates who may like to put together their own training program from exercises that have been suggested for their relevance to individual firefighting tasks, structured strength programs and suggestions for simulating the PAT at home.

As your preparation for the fitness requirements are individual, you are encouraged to explore all these training options and decide what will work best for you. You may like to combine parts of all 3 areas.

For example, the strength programs provide 2 sessions per week, you may like to add in one day where you simulate the PAT, as well as a day focused on exercises suggested for firefighting tasks you may find challenging. You may also like to work in a session from one of the running programs! It is really up to you, although you must be aware of the dangers of over training.

Exercises for Individual PAT Tasks

Doing the PAT at Home

Strength Training Programs