Specific training for the PAT

Exercises for individual PAT tasks

The exercises included in this section involve key movement patterns that relate to firefighting tasks in the PAT and can be modified and manipulated to improve your overall power, strength and endurance.

While bodyweight exercises alone may not be sufficient to fully prepare for the PAT, they have been included as an option for people who may not be able to access gyms and equipment and may be used to supplement weight training.

Select a link below to see a video of the individual task being completed by a firefighter as well as suggested exercises. If you are unsure of some exercises, we encourage you to research the movements prior to trying them out to ensure you use proper technique.

* No exercise suggestions supplied due to nature of task.


Below you will find a full glossary of all terms used in the strength programs and training videos.

They can also be found on the last page of each program for quick reference.

  • /s – Per side
  • AMRAP – As Many Rounds as Possible
  • RPE – Rate of Perceived Exertion
  • 1RM – Repetition Maximum 
  • BB – Barbell
  • DB – Dumbbell
  • HK – Half Kneeling
  • KB – Kettlebell
  • OFF – Rest Period
  • OH – Overhead
  • ON – Work Period
  • SA – Single Arm
  • SL – Single Leg
  • TK – Tall Kneeling
  • UH – Underhand
  • X-Over – Crossover