Firefighting Task 2:
9m Ladder Extension

9m Ladder Extension

Candidates must place both feet in the area indicated and grab extension rope. Looking up the ladder, they are required, in a continuous manner, to extend the ladder by pulling on the extension rope with a hand over hand motion.

After the ladder is extended 10 rungs and the 2 indicated rungs are aligned, the candidate will be directed to house the sliding length, hand over hand, without the rope sliding through their hands.

In the below table, the exercises have been split into three columns. One for exercises that can be done at a gym, one for exercises that can be done with minimal equipment and one for bodyweight exercises.




Chin Ups (Eccentric, Hammer Grip, UH, OH)
Lat Pull Down
Ski Erg
Sled Rope Drag

DB Arnold Press
Band Lat Pull Down
Band Tricep Extension

Tricep Push Up

You can click on the link below to see a video demonstrating some of the exercises from the table. If you are unsure of some exercises, we encourage you to research the movements prior to trying them out to ensure you use proper technique.

Exercise demonstrations

  • Lat Pull Down
  • OH Chin Up
  • Sled Rope Drag
  • Band Tricep Extension
  • Bench Tricep Dips