Firefighting Task 3:
Stair Climb with High Rise Pack

Stair Climb with High Rise Pack

Candidates are instructed to pick up the high-rise pack, place it over their right shoulder and proceed to the 2nd floor. They must make contact with every step and continually use the internal hand-rail. 

On arriving at the 2nd floor they must place the high-rise pack in the designated area.

In the below table, the exercises have been split into three columns. One for exercises that can be done at a gym, one for exercises that can be done with minimal equipment and one for bodyweight exercises.




Barbell Step Up
Barbell Bulgarian Split Squat
Stair Climber
Sled Push

DB Step Up
DB Bulgarian Split Squat
DB Walking Lunge
SA KB Walking Lunge
3-Position KB Carry

Step Up
Bulgarian Split Squat
Stair Climbs with a Weighted Backpack

You can click on the link below to see a video demonstrating some of the exercises from the table. If you are unsure of some exercises, we encourage you to research the movements prior to trying them out to ensure you use proper technique.

Exercise demonstrations

  • Barbell Step Up
  • SA KB Walking Lunge
  • 3 Position KB Carry
  • Bulgarian Split Squat