Firefighting Task 6:
Chain Cutting and Descend to Ground

Chain Cutting and Descend to Ground

Candidates are to wear safety glasses and procure bolt cutters as directed. Candidates are required to cut each side of a designated link. Each hand is to stay on each handle for both cuts. Using the body to assist in the cutting is allowable providing each hand remains in contact with each handle. 

After this has been completed the candidate will pick up the high-rise pack, place it over their left shoulder and proceed down to the ground floor.

In the below table, the exercises have been split into three columns. One for exercises that can be done at a gym, one for exercises that can be done with minimal equipment and one for bodyweight exercises.




Bench Press
Floor Press
Dead ball Floor Press
Cable Fly

DB Chest Fly
DB Bench Squeeze Press
Plate Floor Press
Banded Reverse Fly

Push Ups
Wide Grip Push Ups

You can click on the link below to see a video demonstrating some of the exercises from the table. If you are unsure of some exercises, we encourage you to research the movements prior to trying them out to ensure you use proper technique.

Exercise demonstrations

  • Bench Press
  • DB Bench Squeeze Press
  • Cable Fly
  • Band OH Pull Apart
  • Wide Grip Push Up