Shuttle run

Shuttle run training tips for women

Running Next to Men

You may find that you are the only woman running in your group. We ensure there is ample room for each participant to run the test and participants are not permitted to bump into other participants. You are not in a competition with the men on the day. Everybody is only required to reach 9.6 and then the test is stopped. You have earnt your spot in the shuttle run and should not be intimidated. From experience we have found the majority of people are very supportive of their fellow participants during the run.


Over the years we have received feedback from some candidates that felt menstruation had affected their performance output. As every woman is different we encourage you to be familiar with your cycle & how it affects your physical performance. Some women have no issue training and competing through all phases of their cycle whereas others may require support. If this is the case for you, we encourage you to research how you can support yourself to ensure you feel strong and confident on the day.