Recruit applications

Applications are opening soon

Thank you for your interest in applying for a recruit firefighter position at Fire Rescue Victoria.

Applications will be open for 7 days from Tuesday 22 June 2021 (09:00am) to Monday 28 June 2021 (11:59pm). Please note that late applications will not be accepted. These applications will be in consideration for recruit courses in 2022.

Applications will remain open for one week. All applications received before the closing date will be accepted, with all applications treated equally and application numbers will not be capped. There is no advantage in submitting your application early.

Please ensure that you have read and understand all stages of the recruit selection process and comply with the eligibility requirements. Any submitted applications that do not comply with the eligibility requirements will not progress.

Strictly one application permitted per applicant. Any duplicate applications will result in all applications being disqualified.