Recruitment process

Online application

Applications will only be accepted via the Recruit Applications button which can be found on the top right-hand side of this website.

You are required to provide the below information during the initial application to proceed to the Written Selection Test (WST) stage. Your resume is not required until after the WST stage. 

Application Form (example only): 

  • Full Name (as shown on your driver's licence) 
  • Email address  
  • Phone number 
  • Full address (as shown on your driver's licence) 
  • Country 
  • Centrelink Health Care Card CRN and it’s expiry date (if eligible). Please note, this is not a Medicare card. 
  • Have you undertaken and successfully passed the Pearson VUE Written Selection Test in 2021, 2022 or 2023? (Yes /No) – please only select “Yes” if you achieved a pass in all four WST categories.  
  • If you answered “Yes” to the above question, would you like to retain your Pearson Vue Written Selection Test score? (Yes /No) – please note, if you choose to re-sit the WST, your new WST score will overwrite your previous WST score.  
  • I confirm I have reviewed and comply with the entry and eligibility requirements. 
  • I confirm I have reviewed and comply with the criminal and driving history policies.   
  • I confirm I have reviewed and comply with FRV’s COVID-19 vaccination policy. 

*FRV does not recommend or endorse the use of external providers or individuals selling recruitment services, or those claiming association with the FRV firefighter recruitment selection process. Nor does FRV endorse the payment of such services.  Furthermore, FRV is not represented or affiliated with any providers, services or individuals who claim to have associations with FRV or the firefighter recruitment department.