Recruitment process

Selection interview

The selection interview seeks to gather further information regarding a candidate’s suitability for the role of a firefighter. Questions asked at the interview are designed to assess your understanding of the role, and the qualities and skills you possess.


The interview will comprise of both general and behavioural-based questions. The behavioural questions allow you to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and attributes, through examples of past behaviour.

This technique is based on the assumption that past behaviour predicts future behaviour. For example, you may be asked to demonstrate how you have dealt with a challenging or complex situation, what the outcomes were and what you have learnt.

It is recommended that you provide your response in the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) format.

Situation: Briefly describe the background, situation or issue.

Task: Explain what needed to be done to address the problem or complete the task and what was required of you.

Action: Explain the action undertaken and why you took that course of action. Include information on any difficulties or problems faced.

Result: What was the result of the actions? What was learnt as a result of the situation?

Suggestions for preparing for the selection interview include:

  • Think critically about the role and what skills, abilities and qualities you would think would be necessary to perform the role
  • Draw on past experiences that demonstrate strengths applicable to the position
  • Brainstorm a number of examples that you can draw on from both your personal and professional life that demonstrate your strengths, abilities and skills
  • Practice structuring responses to possible questions based on the above elements
  • Perform mock interviews and role play scenarios with family and friends