Recruitment process

Voluntary physical aptitude test (PAT) – practice session

Candidates are offered the opportunity to attend a Physical Aptitude Test (PAT) practice session.

The PAT practice session is designed to raise awareness of the physical requirements and techniques necessary to successfully complete the PAT.

If you choose to attend, operational training personnel will guide you through the PAT course, demonstrating each activity and provide tips on techniques to assist in completing the task. You will also have the opportunity to practice specific tasks as well as ask questions.

The PAT practice session is conducted at the FRV Training Academy – Craigieburn and attendance is voluntary.

Medical clearance

Prior to undertaking the physical fitness stages of the selection process, you are required to consult with your own medical practitioner in order to complete a medical clearance form.

This form confirms that you are physically fit and able to undertake the physical fitness elements (physical fitness shuttle run and physical aptitude test) of the selection process.

This medical clearance is not a pre-employment medical; candidates will be required to undertake a pre-employment medical prior to being offered employment.

Any candidate who deliberately supplies false, incomplete or misleading information in an attempt to gain employment will be automatically disqualified from further consideration for employment.