Entry requirements

Who can apply?

Firefighting is suited to people with a genuine desire to serve the community, and who thrive on working closely in a team.

Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) is seeking to recruit people with diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences. We encourage anyone who is ready for the challenge and meets our eligibility requirements to apply.

We are committed to embracing and encouraging diversity among our members across Victoria, and respect the rights, dignity and worth of all people.

We believe a diverse and inclusive workplace brings out the best in our people and helps us to provide a better service to Victorian communities.

You don't need to have firefighting or other emergency response skills to apply - all the necessary training is provided.

To apply candidates must:

  • Have a genuine desire to work with the community
  • Have appropriate all-round strength and fitness
  • Exhibit problem solving skills
  • Demonstrate high level interpersonal skills
  • Have appropriate physical and psychological capability
  • Be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen and have entered Australia on a valid passport
  • Be available to undertake testing on weekdays and weekends at various locations in Melbourne and various locations across Victoria (refer to dates schedule)

Previous unsuccessful candidates are eligible to re-apply.

*FRV does not recommend or endorse the use of external providers or individuals selling recruitment services, or those claiming association with the FRV firefighter recruitment selection process. Nor does FRV endorse the payment of such services.  Furthermore, FRV is not represented or affiliated with any providers, services or individuals who claim to have associations with FRV or the firefighter recruitment department.

Eligibility requirements

  • You must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen who has entered Australia on a valid passport.
  • You must comply and be fully vaccinated (3 doses) against COVID-19.
  • You must have held your driver's licence for two years by 1 June 2025 (this does not include a learner's permit). Green probationary licences are acceptable.
  • Applicants who have incurred eight or more driving demerit points at the time of their application and at any stage up to an offer of employment will be disqualified.
  • You must comply with the criminal history and driving history policies. Please refer to these policies to check your eligibility.
  • All applicants need to undergo a National Police Record Check.
  • Medical clearance: All applicants are required to obtain a medical clearance from their doctor prior to undertaking the physical assessment components of the selection process. Prior to an offer of employment, a thorough pre-employment medical is conducted by the Brigade Medical Officer. For more information, please visit Pre-employment medical assessment.
  • After applicants receive an offer of employment they will be required to obtain a Heavy Rigid licence. Further details will be provided with your offer of employment.

Criminal and driving history policies

To be eligible for consideration for appointment as a FRV firefighter, applicants must be of good character and will be assessed according to criminal, driving and other probity checks. The prior history of all applicants is considered holistically and on a case-by-case basis. Insufficient/incorrect information supplied by an applicant may result in the cancellation of an application or an exclusion period being applied.

If an applicant is uncertain about their eligibility, they can submit a Voluntary Disclosure form before they apply, outlining the information they would like clarified.

A finding of guilt includes convictions, cautions, diversions, good behaviour bonds and without conviction findings.

Firefighters are required to drive emergency response appliances as a core component of their role, ensuring primary focus on the safety of their crew and the community they serve. This includes driving under emergency response conditions when travelling to incidents and driving under normal road conditions when returning from calls for assistance or conducting routine checks of their maintenance area. It is therefore critical that applicants are able to demonstrate a history of safe and responsible driving behaviour.